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Some of lasting infrastructures built by late Sri Kanapathipillai with unfailing support from his wife, Srimathy Parpathy Kanapathipillai in Analaitivu - Public, Personal and Private.

A shop built in early 1940's, family house in 1955, another house for his eldest daughter in 1965 and another for his eldest son in 1973 near the shop later handed to his youngest daughter. 8 no. Community water supply wells throught the length and breadth of the island, a new road in north of analaitivu, a cemetery building near jettey, in 1954. As treasurer of Pillaiar temple for a decade a new Bell Tower was built as well as a pond with concrete base and wall lined with steps in front of the temple, as Manager of Iyanar Temple, a pond infront of the temple was built. Further his younger sister's house had foundation laid and left to whither for decades, his children used to run  on them. He had the greatness of heart and genius to find time to built a house for them - of cause paid later. No one in history of the island surpassed his achievements not only in such feats but also  educating 2 of his sons at universities of ceylon, peradenia for civil engineering in the late sixties and the youngest son a mahapola scholar at Jaffna University. Also inspired his eldest son into engineering when he was 5 years old who's name to remember an engineer he admired while inspecting his work in late 1940's as a PWD contractor.